My Story

The Path To Healing

From Hopeless To Happiness

Hello! My name is Mike Sullivan. I'm originally from Chicago. Currently I live in Los Angeles, CA.  

I was a happy little kid until I started getting bullied in 4th grade through High School.  This experience led me down a very dark path of self-doubt, PTSD, deep emotional scars, anxiety, OCD, depression, and eventually suicide attempts. Fortunately I got help and learned how to retrain my brain and my body to eliminate my inner-critic, build up my courage and face my fears, and learn how to live in the moment vs the past or the future.  I finally learned how to HEAL and be HAPPY. 

My mission is to share all of the techniques that helped me, with you. You DONT need to struggle anymore.  I've got your back and I'm here to support YOU! This is why I created my Program BORN TO SHINE and this awesome CLUB so you have a supportive place to go whenever you're struggling.  

Go to the FREE STUFF link to get your free SUPPORT SONG. If you like it and want more, check out the SUPPORT SONGS link and build up your emotional tool box.

You're not alone. You CAN do this. I believe in you because I know something about you that you might not know about yourself yet...that YOU were BORN TO SHINE!